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  • Jacqueline Horne

    Optimum Health & Performance

    Podiatrist on the Central Coast NSW, specialising in sports injury management, rehabilitation and pre-injury screening and training. Our facilities include a fully equipped gym with 20m run track and sporting equipment for functional assessments and use in rehabilitation and training.

  • Jacqueline Kan

    Cheltenham Podiatry

    Musculoskeletal and sport podiatrist trained in regenerative medicine, (including orthokine, platelet rich plasma,and prolotherapy injection therapy,often utilizing ultrasound guidance). Biomechanical adjustments(orthotics, padding,strapping,exercises)are often combined with orthobiologics for best treatment outcomes.

  • James Ferrie

    The Foot And Ankle Clinic

    Musculoskeletal and Sports Podiatrist Trained in Prolotherapy, Autologous Conditioned Serum (Orthokine) Injections, Platelet -Rich Plasma Injections, Dry needling, Neural Prolotherapy Minor skin & nail surgery Ultrasound guided injections Shockwave therapy Laser Treatment

  • Jodie Clinton

    Griffith Foot Clinic
  • Josh Condon

    Podiatry Hub
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