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At Leading Edge Physical Therapy, we believe in building better bodies so that you can do great things.

Podiatry at Leading Edge Physical Therapy used the most advanced technology in the world to take a scientific approach to the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Through the use of Vicon's 3D motion capture technology, we examine the forces acting upon and within the human body and the effects produced by these forces. This information allows us to explain the causes of any pain and why an individual may be getting injured, as well as both the effectiveness and appropriateness of treatment methods provided by your therapist.

On site at Leading Edge Physical Therapy are also experienced sports physiotherpaists, massage therapists and personal trainers who all work with Podiatry to get the desired results for each of our patients.

The 3 core elements of our approach achieve consistently effective results:-


By understanding the injury and pain processes within the body, and the rationale behind our management plans, you will be able to easily focus on your program, remain motivated throughout your program and ultimately improve quicker.


Embracing the injury processes and management plan provides you with the confidence you will progress well. You will be guided through each step of the management plan and you can be assured your team will efficiently guide you through any unfortunate setbacks. Confidence, guidance, and reassurance will allow you to focus on your program, significantly improving your recovery.


Your education and support are great foundations to your active participation in the management plan and rehabilitation process. Your understanding and engagement of the management plan, recommendations and education will significantly improve your progress and recovery. We advocate a team approach and you’re a part of the team.

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