Podiatrists in NSW

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  • EllieJakins-Kelly

    Riverside Podiatry

    Podiatrist on the Central Coast with a passion for children's and sports podiatry.

  • Jacqueline Horne

    Optimum Health & Performance

    Podiatrist on the Central Coast NSW, specialising in sports injury management, rehabilitation and pre-injury screening and training. Our facilities include a fully equipped gym with 20m run track and sporting equipment for functional assessments and use in rehabilitation and training.

  • Jodie Clinton

    Griffith Foot Clinic
  • Laurieton

    Laurieton Podiatry
  • Luke Grainger

    Hunter Podiatry Services

    We understand the frustration of not being able to perform at your peak when injured or returning from injury. We have treated a number of local, state, national and international athletes in the fields of basketball, cycling, triathlon, track, dance, football and netball. We often work with the athlete and coach to ensure the fastest realistic return to sport ensuring the athlete is not at risk of a recurrence of the injury.

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