Sports Psychology and Podiatry

On 23rd of July 2019 at 6:30pm | Share on Facebook / events / south-australia / sports-psychology-and-podiatry

Sports Psychology and Podiatry with Emma Mattey Time: 6.30pm arrival for 7.00pm start. Where: The Asics Showroom, 1 South Road, Thebarton. Pizza provided at 6.30pm Cost: APodA + AAPSM Members - $30 | Non-Members - $60 (1.5 hours CPD)

The aim of this session is to provide podiatrists with insights to the world of sport psychology, the type of work a sport psychologist might do, the cross over between podiatry & psychology, how the two professions can work together to provide the best possible outcomes for their clients, and how to refer to a psychologist. Emma will be speaking in some detail about the injury rehab and return to play process, and give some simple guidelines on what kind of signs to look for in clients that may indicate their well-being is compromised.

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