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By AAPSM on 8th of March 2015 at 4:27pm | Share on Facebook
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Professional Development

Origianally setup to provide the best education to our members, we continue to provide many sessions per year in each state of the highest quality, this makes AAPSM the leadering provider of education in Australasia.


Communications Pathway

One of our services which we really encourge  our members to use is the contact point of our board members, no other organisations gives easy access to an experienced member and podiatrist.


Research Grant

Each year, with help from our major sponsor ASICS we provide the chance for any qualifying individual or group to recieve help to further their research, keep an eye out for this announcement each year in our news section of the website and your email address.


Career Pathway

A work in progress to reintroduce the Fellowship model to podiatry, more news to come in 2015.