AAPSM Sponsored Sessions/Speakers at Be Active 2014

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AAPSM Sponsored Sessions at the Be Active 2014 Conference


AAPSM is honoured to be sponsoring the following sessions at the BeActive Conference 2014

How do we run? New insights into lower limb muscle function
Presented by Dr Glen Lichtwark

Lower limb biomechanics and muscle function
Presented by Dr Glen Lichtwark, Dr Dominic Farris, Mr Luke Kelly and Dr Nick Brown

Foot and leg taping for a purpose
Sport Podiatry Forum

Speakers Bio's

Dr Glen Lichtwark
The University of QLD

Glen Lichtwark is a Senior Lecture in Excecise and Sports Science in the School of Human Movement Studies at the University of QLD. His primary are of expertise is Boimechanics and Muscle Physiology. He currently teaches a range of biomechanics and research courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is a postgraduate co-ordinator for the School.

Mr Luke Kelly
The Unviersity of QLD

Luke Kelly is a Biomechanics Research Fellow in the School of Human Movement Studies at The University of QLD, where he divides his time between biomechanics research and his role as the Biomechanics consultant for Cricket Australia. With undergraduate qualifications in Podiatry and over a decade of clinical experience int eh field of Sports Medicine, Luke has developed a research interest in biomechanics of the foot and lower limb.

Dr Dominic Farris
The University of QLD

Dominic Farris has been a Research Fellow in the School of Human Movement Studies at the University of QLD since January 2013. Prior to this appointment he completed a three-year post-doctoral fellowship in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University (USA). His research interests include understanding how humans modulate the mechanical function of lower limb muscles to achieve the wide array of loccomotor tasks that we use.

For more information on Be Active or to register head to sma.org.au or download the flyer