Become a Member / become-a-member

As you may be aware, the process of AAPSM membership has changed.

To join (or re-join) AAPSM now needs to be done through your state podiatry association, rather than through SMA.

  1. You’ll pay $140 for AAPSM membership as an “add-on” to your association membership.
  2. Your membership will now also align to the financial year (July 1 – June 30) as opposed to 12 months from the anniversary of your membership.
  3. Members who have already paid into the new financial year (whose anniversary date is after 30/06/2016) will receive a personalised email including a special AAPSM voucher that will give you a discount of the pro rata amount already paid.

So why the change in membership process?

Until the AAPSM constitution changed in July 2013, it was actually in the previous AAPSM constitution that members also needed to be a member of their state podiatry association. Due to legal reasons, this was taken out of the constitution in July 2013. Shortly after this, the AAPSM board made a unanimous decision to prioritise a sports career pathway.

We felt for the profession to move forward and be on par with our peers in the sports medicine world, we needed a formal post-graduate pathway or credentialing. Once we agreed on that, we then explored all of our options on how to develop a career pathway (e.g. doing it internally, partnering with SMA, partnering with an RTO or a TAFE, and partnering with APodC).

After extensive research, it became clear that partnering with APodC would give the best outcome.

The APodC Career Framework is leading the way in practice and development of podiatrists across Australia not only in Sports but Paediatrics and High Risk Foot. We wanted to give podiatrists structured, evidence-based post-graduate training to help make them better clinicians and bestow a title that is recognised by the public, the profession and our peers in the wider sports medicine fraternity. We wanted the training to be rigorous, achievable for clinicians and transparent.

By joining the Australian Podiatry Association as a member, podiatrists get access to all the benefits and support of a professional association dedicated to your career success.

So what does this mean for you?

Firstly, the service offered by AAPSM in terms of continuing education, conferences and professional representation does not change. What the change does mean is that regardless of whether you’re a recent graduate or if you’ve been practising for 20+ years, soon there will be a way to become credentialed in sports podiatry which will help put our profession on parity with other sports medicine disciplines.

Whilst for the vast majority of AAPSM members, you will be unaffected by this decision, for some it will mean having to join your state podiatry association to continue with your AAPSM membership.

The AAPSM board did not take this decision lightly, but acknowledged they needed to take this step in order to advance the profession.