Physical Activity in Podiatry Study (PAPIP)

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Podiatrists play a role in physical activity promotion, but very little research has asked podiatrists what they think about this role. Your input will help us address this important knowledge gap by providing a comprehensive picture of the current status of podiatrists’ physical activity promotion behaviours, and the perceived benefits and barriers to physical activity promotion in the podiatry setting.


Podiatrists of Australia, we need your help with a simple survey We are currently recruiting Australian podiatrists to help us identify current physical activity promotion practices, and the factors associated with physical activity promotion, in the podiatry setting.
Your participation requires completion of a confidential online survey, which will take 10-15 minutes to complete, and you also have the option to go in the draw to win an iPad mini.
If you are a registered podiatrist working in Australia and you are happy to participate, please click here to be taken to the survey.
Alternatively, type the following address into you web browser:

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2016 AAPSM/Asics Research Grant

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Call for Grant Applications Deadline: Friday May 6th 2016


Call for Grant Applications
Deadline: Friday May 6th 2016

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Pelvic Stability in Sports Injuries

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On February 24th, 2015, AAPSM NSW members had the privilege of hearing from Russell Wright on Pelvic Stability in Sports Injuries. Now, it is available for all AAPSM Members to view!



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Member Benefits

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Professional Development

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Western Australia TBA

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Whislt we are in the process of assigning Western Australia with a representative could you please send all your questions to

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